SPECIAL PROJECT: Using data to improve sanitation services in Lusaka.

Special Projects

Role: Engagement Consultant, Researcher & Designer.

“Data to Action” was a six week research and design consultancy project – a partnership between WSUP (Zambia) and NEEEU Spaces GmbH (in partnership with LWSC). The overall objective of this consultancy was to develop user interfaces, designed to demonstrate the impact of effective data management in the pursuit of building pit emptying businesses.

The project was to focus on converting the existing database (housing information from data collection activities in 2017), through co-creation with private service providers and government agencies, into a user-friendly digital tool. Applying a human- centred design approach, we conducted in-depth research with multiple stakeholders across the FSM Sector to ascertain the most useful means through which to effectively utilise data use. Upon completion of this research, we designed and tested, in collaboration with service providers, an integrated method for data collection, management and, in part, visualisation.

Illustration: Sheila Decloedt

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