COMIC: Migrants on the Margins in Harare (Zimbabwe)


Migrants on the margins, is a three year project involving researchers from UK universities, international research partners and Graphic Novella specialists – Positive Negatives. The project focuses on the vulnerability and opportunities of migrants in some of the world’s most pressured cities, including Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Harare (Zimbabwe) and Hargeisa (Somaliland).

UPDATE: In October 2019, the Migrants on the margins resources were awarded the 4-star award, in the Curriculum Impact category, of the Teach Secondary 2019 Awards.


In January-February 2018, I was commissioned by Positive Negatives to travel to Harare to document the experiences of people living in informal settlements across the city. Working in line with the Positive Negatives methodology, I interviewed a number of people who shared a range of rich stories. A selection of these stories were developed into a final comic.

Below you can find the finished comic and a series of photos from the trip, including: travels to Hopley and Porta Farm, script development exercises and discussions with local artists.


Tawanda 1_bTawanda 2_bTawanda 3_b

Tawanda 4_b_CorrectedTawanda 5_bIllustrations by Lindsay Pollock

Pre-prep images & images from Hopley


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Photo-story at Porta Farm:


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